Daniel Kitson


The Persistence of an Unlikely Thought.






A few years ago, quite suddenly, I thought of something.


Something unlikely.


An implausible story about a mouse.


Since then, whenever starting a new show, faced with the empty page and the endless possibility and the looming deadline I have tried and failed to find a way of telling that particular story. Every structural gambit or presentational conceit feeling both oddly insufficient and insufficiently odd.  And so, every time, eventually, I’ve abandoned the mouse and I’ve moved on. I’ve had a different idea, for a different story and I’ve written a different show.


This time was no different, again I wanted to tell that story and again I didn’t know how.


And then, quite suddenly, I thought of something else.


Something equally unlikely.


An implausible story about a phone call.



And here we are.



Daniel Kitson – London – 17th February 2015.




Currently thirty eight years old and still not entirely bald, Daniel Kitson returns to the Everyman Theatre with a massive white board (possibly), an angle poise lamp (probably) and the world premiere (definitely) of a brand new show about, friendship and loneliness, doubt and hope, a mouse, a phone call and the unfathomable repercussions of everything we ever do.


St Anns Warehouse, Brooklyn, New York - November 9th - 27th (Not Mondays)


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