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20th Feb 2017




Okay Australia.


Here it is, the long promised (if not awaited) announcement of all the stuff im dragging round the antipodes in a few weeks time. Sorry, its been so delayed, but I wanted to have everything in place for one big splodge rather than pestering you with a litany of irritating little dollops*. Do be warned though, this is a big old splodge.


There’s a few things at the end of the email that are happening in the UK, so if you are there, rather than Australia, maybe skip to the end.


If you do live in Australia, lets get stuck in. Now, historically, I had my largest audience anywhere ever in Melbourne and a fair old amount of Kitsonians dotted around the antipodes. These days though, due to more sporadic visits, a willfully low key approach and the occasional piece of conceptually challenging theatre, my numbers down under have really dropped off. A lot of people over there (possibly even the majority of the population) aren’t actually on my mailing list, having previously heard about shows through other channels in the early 2000’s and are not entirely aware of my global brand of underground cache. However, I bloody love being in Australia and so I’ve booked a tour as though its 2008 and the intervening decade of diminishing returns never happened. All of which is to say, it would be great if you could tell people about these shows. Otherwise I will be absolutely humiliated in front of my peers.


I’m doing three (3) different bits of work in Australia. In Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, I’ll be doing a work in progress stand up show called Not Yet But Soon and also, introducing and screening the concert film of It’s Always Right Now Until It’s Later. In addition to which, in Melbourne, Gavin Osborn and I will perform 11 shows of  Stories For the Starlit Sky.


If you don’t know what these things are, here is some blurb for each one, followed by the dates and ticketing stuff.





Stories For The Starlit Sky


Daniel Kitson and Gavin Osborn.


Daniel Kitson (Comedian, Writer, Box to Box Midfield General With An Eye For Goal)and Gavin Osborn (Song Singer, Songwriter, Bell Ringer, Cage Fighter)

return to Melbourne for the first time in almost ten years, with this epic entertainment. Both delightfully funny and aching with melancholy, this is a heart swelling, eye dampening, breath stealing tribute to the timeless glory of staying up all night.


Three magical stories about love, the quiet heroism of hope, and a small village populated by retired assassins, tangled up together with fourteen wonderful songs of sadness or laughter or beauty or even, at times, all bloody three at the same bloody time.


Originally three separate shows, performed on three separate nights. Outdoors. In a park. At midnight. This is the whole, magnificent trilogy in one almighty, nourishing wallop of laughter and tears.


Price includes two intervals.


And a roof.


Running time – 3 hours and 40 minutes, including intervals. Tickets are 25 Dollars (plus fees) and on sale now.



Playhouse, Arts Centre Melbourne – 2nd to 23rd April

(Various Dates and Times) https://goo.gl/AVrCLX







Not Yet But Soon – A Work in Progress Stand up Show.


A work in progress towards my (Daniels) first stand up show for four years. Will almost certainly contain some redefinition of the form, structural audacity and jokes about the allure of isolation, the fallibility of altruism, mugs, train travel, pride, language, not eating meat, the complexities of compassion and the inescapable duty to explain ourselves.


It should be pretty good by the end of April actually.


Running time – 90 – 100 minutes.


Tickets are 12 or 15 Dollars (plus tax or fees) and available now.



Perth  - Lazy Susans Comedy Den  - March 12th – 9pm -  https://goo.gl/ImkVWE


Adelaide – Rhino Room – March 14th, 15th, 16th – 5pm - https://goo.gl/nuIhEb


Sydney – Giant Dwarf – March 20th to 27th (not 24th) - https://goo.gl/6H92PA


Melbourne – Fairfax Studio, Arts Centre Melbourne – March 30th to April 16th  (Various dates and times)- https://goo.gl/bry3Tv


Brisbane – Powerhouse – April 26th, 27th – 8pm -  https://goo.gl/Tz7WXr





It’s Always Right Now Until It’s Later -  On Film.



In 2010, or maybe 2011, it’s hard to be certain about these things, I wrote and performed a  story show about “everything and nothing” called It’s Always Right Now, Until It’s Later. It remains one of the best loved (and probably best) things I’ve ever done and was performed in Edinburgh, New York, London and Manchester.


Towards the end of the Manchester run, we made a film of the entire show, in the round and in real time.


Every second.


This is that film.


Running Time – 94 minutes


I’ll be introducing the film, in person, at all the dates below.


Tickets are 15 dollars (plus tax and fees) and available now.



Perth – Luna Leederville –March 12th – 7pm - https://goo.gl/5Fw6UL


Adelaide – Palace Nova Eastend -  March 15th – 7pm - https://goo.gl/Qvp9aO


Sydney – Golden Age Cinema – March 22nd – 6pm – https://goo.gl/P87XFG


Melbourne – Palace Westgarth – April 18th, 19th  - 7pm – https://goo.gl/jVA2N3


Brisbane – Palace Centro – April 27th – 6pm - https://goo.gl/6Vkrlw



So, that is all of that.


If you’re still here, there’s four other things and to save time, I’m going to just crank them out in bullet point form. It’s a CBPCO**, basically.


1 – Rob Auton is currently on tour and no one is going to see him***. Which is, to be honest, a real shame not just because he is one of my absolute favourites**** but he has a pretty special vibe and writes stuff with a uniquely humane perspective. Anyway, you can have a look at his website www.robauton.co.uk and if he’s going somewhere near you, I urge***** you to attend.


2 – There’s one more work in progress being added at the Bill Murray in Angel – It’s Sunday the 5th of March at 3.30 pm.  – Tickets 2.50  from here.  http://www.angelcomedy.co.uk/whats-on/


3 – Also, because people keep buying tickets for these 2.50 previews in some poorly advised frenzy of bargain induced but logistically naïve giddiness  before realizing they cant/don’t want to/never actually intended to attend – We are releasing an extra 20 tickets on the day of each preview through the same website at noon on the day of the show – that way you’ll know if you’re actually free to come – because it’s the same shitting day you pack of flip flops. You can find the dates here -  http://www.angelcomedy.co.uk/whats-on/ under DKwork in progress******


4 – Gavin and Me, me, me, me are going to do a warm up show of the Stories for the Starlit Sky trilogy show before taking it to Melbourne.  It’s at Battersea Arts Centre on the 6th of March at 7pm and will be done by about 10.40 including the breaks.  Tickets are onsale Wednesday 22nd of Feb at noon from here www.bac.org.uk



Thanks for sticking with it.










* - Sexy Talk.

** - Classic Bullet Point Crank Out.

*** - Willful overstatement for marketing purposes.

**** - Fact.

***** - Yuck.

****** - DK = Daniel Kitson.







September the 13th - 2016


Hello Everyone.



Big News!!! – I continue to be a great guy and nothing is going to stop me.



I have three things to tell you about. In order of how soon then will happen. There must be a word for that. IMMINENCE! That’s it. ORDER OF IMMINENCE.





1) -  I’m hosting a benefit for Bloodwise – a charity that works against all types of blood cancer. It’s in London at Kings Place on the 14th of October. I’ve done this gig the past few years and I always seem to enjoy it slightly more than the audience who are tend to be very supportive if slightly baffled.  It’s a sweeeeeeeet bill with Bridget Christie, Sara Pascoe, Mr Swallow and others to be announced.  Me waddling on and off between acts.


Tickets are £18.50 and you can get them here -  http://goo.gl/GZwWpT




2) – I’m booking and organizing and hosting a benefit for the new community library in the village I come from.*


Denby Dale (The Pie Village)


The old library got all its funding cut and the building had to be demolished. Classic stuff. So various (largely retired) legends in the village started a charitable trust to build and run a new community centre, comprising a library, a gift shop (run by a local hospice), meeting rooms and some tourist information stuff**. They’ve since raised sufficient funds to pay for a new building and now need operational funds in order to run it.


So that’s what this is for.


I’ll be hosting it like an absolute king of the world, swinging it about like I own the place, trying not to swear too much in front of people my parents know and introducing an excellent and comedically diverse bill which includes the (white, male) stand up comedian Alun Cochrane, the (white male) sketch group Pappys and the (white male) prop comedian/clown/spanner Spencer Jones.*** I’m still in the process of booking it so other people will definitely be coming on board and I may well pester you with more names at a later date****, but I wanted to tell you about it now because it’s already on sale, pretty much.


It’s at the Crucible Theatre***** in Sheffield on October the 19th tickets are £12 and you can get them online from tomorrow (Monday 12th September) here  - http://goo.gl/MIsqn8


Or! You can book right now, on the phone or in person by quoting the secret code DENBY DALE.



3) -  I’m doing Mouse – The Persistence of an Unlikely Thought at St Anns Warehouse in New York for most of November. There are absolute bundles of tickets still available and I may well have overestimated the extent of my stateside allure.


I think it’s a good show and I’m going to have another crack at rewriting it between now and then because I didn’t really get the chance before Edinburgh what with OVERCOMING THE ANCIENT DISEASE OF MEASLES LIKE THE BRAVEST HERO THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN.******


No big deal.


You can get tickets here - http://goo.gl/bnIjVu



And that, I think, is largely that.









*This is my favourite of the three things. No offence to blood cancer charities or adventurous booking policies of Brooklyn based arts institutions both of which mean a lot to me. But this one is my favourite.


** There is a viaduct with a curve in it, which is actually very rare and also the intermittent production of the worlds largest meat and potato pies.  So.


*** Of the three women I have so far approached, one of them needs to stay at home with her toddler, one is going on holiday with her mum and the other wants to check with her agent before confirming – so, you tell me, who’s the real problem here? That’s right, toddlers, mothers and Avalon.


**** Especially If it doesn’t sell out based on these ones.


***** The Home Of Snooker.


****** No big deal.








January 27th 2016




Hello everyone,


Wednesday seems to have become my unofficial admin day and frankly guys, frankly, it’s not for me, I’m a creative force to be reckoned with, not an administrator with RSI. This little fun cinema tour I fancied booking in has become a real fiddle foddle*. What with the BBFC and DCP and various other cinematic acronyms (CA). Still, pretty much done now, and that’s why ive asked you here.


But before we get to that – this.


Im doing a work in progress stand up show in Leicester at Hansom Hall on March 10th at 8pm – Tickets are a fiver, go on sale at Noon tomorrow (possibly today by the time you read this) Thursday the 28th and you can get them here.  http://goo.gl/lnERks


Please bear in mind that everything I have recently announced, which is to say the Nottingham Sundays, Tuesdays at BAC, the work in progress stuff in various cities is all taking place in relatively small venues and the tickets are relatively cheap, which is why things are selling out quickly.


These ones always sell out stupidly quick, because people love a bargain. Please don’t be furious or suspicious with venues when they do. You really aren’t missing out on anything life altering. I did some stuff about back packs last week and said the words “not bad” to myself so much it became a catch phrase.


When I have made the finished (life altering) shows, the tickets will be more expensive, the rooms will be bigger, I will make an absolute bloody mint** and there will be plenty of tickets available for everyone who wants to come.


Now, the cinema tour is an interesting little wriggler***. It’s going to a variety of venues with varying capacities and is, to be honest a bit of an unknown quantity in terms of whether people have any interest at all in paying £10 to watch a film of a show.   I’ll introduce the film, but that will only be 10-15 minutes and then it’s a screening of the film. So. It’s up to you I suppose. It’ll last about 2 hours all in, maybe a bit less.


I will say this, the show – It’s Always Right Now, Until It’s Later, remains a lot of peoples favourite iteration of my work. I really like it. I described it at the time as being about everything and nothing, which I still think it apt and the title came from Calvin and Hobbes. Also, I do genuinely think that we made a good film of it. I made some bloody minded stipulations and I think it’s paid off.


Hard for me to know though really. Anyway. All dates go on sale Thursday January 28th at noon - unless otherwise stated and tickets are ten pounds everywhere (except a few sofas here and there which are twelve). I know some of you will be annoyed it isn't coming closer to you. But i have tried to spread the tour as wide as possible. Some cinemas have just not really responded to the idea of a man they've never heard of showing a film of himself talking to an audience of dweebs****.


Two things to take note of, the screenings have widely varied start times, Cardiff especially (1pm) and Hebden Bridge was flooded recently and lost use of the stalls. They fully expect to have the stalls back in operational order by the date of the tour but for now, we are selling only the balcony seats and I’ll let you know as and when the stalls become available, but it may be worth checking on the ticket page every now and then.


Okay – here are the dates.



Feb 8th – Edinburgh Cameo – 9pm  - http://goo.gl/tYUGkH


Feb 22nd  - Birmingham Electric Cinema – 8pm  - http://goo.gl/x4KciK


March 3rd – Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds – 9pm - http://goo.gl/FkzO8I


March 7th – Duke of Yorks, Brighton – 9pm -  https://goo.gl/VG3Zdq


March 9th – Broadway, Nottingham – 8pm - http://goo.gl/TaFSbr


March 16th – Cinema City, Norwich – 8.30pm - http://goo.gl/vpNkGY


March 17th – FACT, Liverpool – 8.40pm – ON SALE 1/02/16 http://www.fact.co.uk/


March 20th – Chapter, Cardiff – 1pm  – https://goo.gl/k7IvF7


March 21st – Dukes Playhouse, Lancaster – 7.30pm - http://goo.gl/7htO6e


March 24th – Cube, Bristol – 8pm - http://goo.gl/B3uFTS


March 28th -  Gala, Durham – 7pm – ON SALE 1/02/16 – www.galadurham.co.uk


March 31st – Picture House, Hebden Bridge – 8pm - http://goo.gl/0mLUj1


April 3rd – Prince Charles Cinema, London – 9pm - http://goo.gl/3Cv7fC





And that’s everything for now.


The remainder of the year is starting to take shape so I’ll let you know about stuff as and when its confirmed and/or fiscally prudent to do so.






* - Literally

** - Literally.

*** - Literally.

**** - Not my words.








November 24th 2015






Isn’t it cold?!*


Come on in, pop your outer layers on the hook, give your hands a little clap together and help yourself to a lovely warming mug of DANIEL KITSON LIVE PERFORMANCE NEWS ™




1 - Attention people of New York!!!!


2 - Attention people of places near New York who are willing to travel to New York!!!!


3 - Attention people of anywhere but who happen to be in New York between the 8th and 18th of December (Not 14th)


Last year, I wrote and performed a Christmas Show called – quite brilliantly – A Show For Christmas. I didn’t know what it was going to be when I agreed to do it** but I ended up really liking how it turned out and having only booked a five night run at the Battersea Arts Centre in the now defunct Grand Hall was always keen to do it again this year and as you may have guessed by now, I am bringing it to New York this Christmas and specifically to the Conelly Theatre in the East Village.


The show itself is a simple storytelling affair that is, if you’ll forgive me for saying so, pretty lovely and deals with all your archetypal seasonal fare. Which is to say loneliness, a brief scuffle in a newsagents, mobile phones, magic, the past and a long journey in a mid sized motorhome***. I mean. Its my vibe to charmingly undersell things, as you doubtless know, but I reread it last week to see if I needed to change anything and I actually REALLY enjoyed it. So. There you go.


Now, this New York run has, uncharacteristically, been organized in a relatively last minute way. The two places I have previously performed in New York – St Anns Warehouse and Barrow Street Theater – were unforgivably booked up by the time I decided I wanted to do this****So I started nosing around for alternatives, the Conelly became unexpectedly available and here we are, announcing a show less than two weeks before it opens in a foreign***** City and a Theatre I’ve never visited.


It looks absolutely bloody lovely in the pictures and seems quite tucked away and dare I say….rickety with the potential to feel magical? Which is entirely fitting for the show. This whole thing ****** is being done in a pretty low key way by myself with a couple of others helping and the venue itself has minimal infrastructure in terms of box office and so on. Which means the set up could seem a little odd depending on what you’re accustomed to here and in light of that, here are ten helpful facts.


1 – The Connelly Theater is located at 220 East 4th Street


2 – Evening shows are 8th – 18th December (not 14th)


3 – Matinees are at 3pm on the 12th and 13th


4 – Tickets go on sale Tuesday November 24th at Noon EST*******


5 – Tickets will be available here - http://danielkitson.seetickets.com/tour/a-show-for-christmas/list


6 – Tickets are $25


7 - There are 140 tickets for each show and seating will be unreserved.


8 – Physical tickets will not be sent out, your name will be checked against a list on the door, so please bring some ID.


9 - If you wish to book for somebody else as a gift and you wont be attending. DO NOT WORRY.  You can enter their name as a note on the booking. OKAY?


10 – Due to licensing laws there will likely be no bar at the venue so you can bring your own drinks if you like but I intend to provide hot chocolate for everyone who wants it.********



So there you go.


That’s pretty much it.


In other news, after a year largely spent returning to a litany of old things (Tree, Polyphony, Stories for the Starlit Sky, and this Christmas whatnot) I’ll be starting to crack on with new stuff in January.  So, I’ll doubtless pester you all with some emails about that closer to the time.


I hope this finds you well and I am, as ever, very sorry if this particular message is geographically redundant.



All the best and GOODBYE FOREVER.






* This is obviously Northern Hemisphere specific, possibly even London specific. Possibly my house specific.


** You can read the deliberately vague but heartfelt blurb here –


*** I believe this is known as a “Winnebago” or “RV” in “America”.


**** Mid November.


***** No. Not if you’re American. I know. Jesus. Settle down.


****** Professional Touring Enterprise.


******* Eating Scones Time. (5pm GMT)


******** At the show. Not in perpetuity. Obviously.








5th June 2015




Guys, guys, guys, this is going to be very brief.


Mainly because its 22.37 and i feel a bit rough. So strap in. Big Poppa is going to Hit it and Quit it.


1 -  The second batch of tickets for Polyphony in Edinburgh are now available. Information can be acquired and bookings placed here -




Don't search the site for my name - as helpfully, nothing comes up, but if you try Polyphony It should work.


2 - The Open Air Theatre in Regents Park is one of my favourite places. IN THE WORLD. They had something or other fall through relatively late notice on the 5th of July and got in touch. So. What with being a pair of slot filling heroes (c) Gavin Osborn and Myself are going to waggle it about Park Style (c).


Years ago, we wrote a trilogy of stories for Regents Park called "Stories for the Starlit Sky" We then did them at the latitude festival in a lake whilst dj's turned the bass up in a variety of surrounding tents and one tiddled man mistook the stage for a bridge. Good on him. Anyway - this will be the first time we perform all three stories in one night, replete with two intervals.


It's going to start at 7 and be done by 11.


In order to book before it goes on general sale you will need to use the special code.




 You can enter it at the point of booking or say it with your mouth over the phone if you prefer to book that way.


 Tickets are £12 (plus a £1.50 booking fee) and go on sale at 11am Friday June 5th.  Here.




3 - There are still tickets for a benefit I'm hosting on Monday night - the 8th of June. It's at the wolverhampton grand theatre and is for Central Youth Theatre. We just added Russell Howard to an already STRONG bill and i will probably have a bit too much coffee and compere it very very irresponsibly. It was this gig last year where i ended up in my underpants. And a picture ended up on twitter. I spent a long time working through that with some talking therapy and then a few days ago, someone sends me it. THE SAME PICTURE.


Thanks a lot Timehop!!!! Am i right?!?!


Anyway - it will be another fun thing i think and you can get tickets here.






That's everything everyone. I hope you are all doing it right now.


















22nd of December 2014




Hello there,


Last Wednesday, I got an email from a butcher reminding me that if I wanted to order a turkey for Christmas Day (which I did) I needed to order it that very day – or I wouldn’t get one (from them, specifically – I’m sure there would have been other options) Anyway, my point is, that I was actually, for the first time ever, delighted to have received an email from some manner of sales list – IT BASICALLY SAVED CHRISTMAS.


So, I thought I would do the same (hawk some wares under the guise of being helpful – not save Christmas). There are, still an effing sugar tonne of tickets available for Tree at the Old Vic in January and maybe you should buy them for people you know and like/dislike/want to impress/punish/love/despise/barely know to celebrate whatever religious/midwinter festivals pertain to you.


That way, you’ll be able to print off a confirmation email, black out the pricing (very competitive, incidentally) and put in an envelope to provide someone with a gift that whilst underwhelming at the point of receiving it will prove to be thoroughly whelming (albeit transient) at some point in January.


They have released more tickets in the stalls and circle, so its worth having a look there – also, just whilst I have your attention – Cooooeeee! – there are slightly misleading notes on some of the seats about visibility – due to the staging of the show and the in the round formation of the theatre, actually the front row of the bayliss circle, even though its  described as severely restricted bench – are really nice seats (albeit it a bit squishy leg room wise) – certainly better than being up the back of bayliss – as the saying famously goes.


Anyway – here is the link for tickets –






I’ll probably send another one of these I January to be honest, but what I think will end up happening is the run will get busier as it goes along and an almighty ground swell of word of mouth will make getting tickets later in January impossible but by that stage, the earlier – less full shows will have been and gone and people, distraught at having missed out will begin to behave erratically possibly turning to the demon drink to sooth their regret, by which stage 2015 is pretty much a write off, productivity wise.


So, chop chop basically, otherwise Christmas will be ruined and you will become cripplingly dependent on various booze(r)s.



Moving on – Melbourne!!!! MELBOURNE!!!!! MELLY WELLY WELBOURNE!!!!!!! I am doing a show in the Comedy Festival 2015 and tickets are about to go on sale – It’s called Polyphony and to be honest, I’m pretty delighted with the idea – so there, actually. And whilst it may, at first glance, sound similar to Analog.Ue. It is extremely different in tone, content, style, vibe and stuff. – It actually came out of something I was doing in Edinburgh this year at the gigs with Andy Zaltsssman and Alun Cochrance where I wrote a short play to be performed by the audience. Anyway - Here is the bluuuuuuuuuuuurb (Blurb).






By Daniel Kitson.



I have written a Play.*


It has a pretty epic scope, a relatively grand vision and somewhere in the region of twenty characters. It is, in short, a real humdinger.


Unfortunately though, it is a script so ambitious, so demanding, so exquisitely detailed that handing an actor this text and putting them in front of an audience is much like handing  a three year old child a pint of coffee and putting them in front of a zipwire.


It wont end well.


So I, ever vigilant, have pre-recorded each actor, in isolation, onto a separate tape, their fallibility erased with editing and their odious need for attention mitigated by the removal of the audience. Leaving a litany of individual voices – each one perfect and captured on a tape that when played back in precise unison will form a glorious theatrical polyphony.


The play is perfect.


The tapes are perfect.


I just need enough people to press play. That’s all.



After 2014’s recreational jaunt and 2013’s “low key work in progress spectacular”. Daniel Kitson – long time scallywag and recent convert to getting around on a bike - returns to Melbourne with an actual, written, finished, practiced show for the first time since 2012.



*I directed it as well and I’ve got the main part too.







Tickets will be on sale at this link from noon, local time, on the 23rd of December.





It’s on at the Northcote Town Hall Sunday to Thursday with a matinee on Sundays.


This show will be touring Australia and New Zealand – so I’ll send a big email about the whole tour once its in place, which will hopefully be within the first two weeks of January – but seeing as Melbourne is all ready to go – I thought I should let you know in case you people (who live or visit Melbourne) wanted to save Christmas.


Or stick one in the eye of religion.


Either way really.



So that’s it 2014 is done for Higgledy Piggledy Enterprises (me) thanks for reading the emails or coming to the shows or downloading the stuff on bandcamp – whatever you’ve done – thanks. I do, very much appreciate it.









Ps – It’s the 22nd of December. If you’re in the northern hemisphere we are now officially on our way out of the darkness. Which is nice. If you’re in the southern hemisphere – Uh oh - maybe start thinking about getting a good torch and a cheerfully stoic outlook.












4th of December 2014.




Hi Guys - 'Sup?*


So - as you probably already know, myself and Tim Key are doing a play that i wrote (called Tree) at the Old Vic (in London, not Bristol) for the whole of January 2015



 Here's the link for more details - www.oldvictheatre.com/whats-on/2015/tree/


This email is basically to tell you that there are still LOADS of tickets available for the run - they went on general sale today at noon - so you no longer need any special link or anything you can just waddle on (to the website) or strut in (to the theatre in person) or bell them (on the telephone) and buy tickets.


I got a few emails after the tickets were released mentioning online queues of 3000 people and waiting times of over an hour and making the consequent assumption that tickets had all gone. I've had a few people tell me that it's sold out - it hasnt. There are still tickets for every night. The idea of doing such a big room - for so long (twice as many tickets as ever i've sold previously for a single run) was to ensure that everyone who would like to see it could see it - and whilst about half the tickets sold on the first day - but there are still loads.


The Old Vic employs the queuing system when its getting bombarded by a lot of people at the same time and the long waits are the alternative to the system crashing entirely. So either wait - secure in the knowledge it will work - or just log off and come back at a less busy time.


So basically - please don't assume it's sold out. It isn't - also please feel free to spread the word from here on in. We just had to keep a lid on it for the pre- sale. Oh - also, if you wanted to buy them as a present for someone - then please make sure that you fill in their details on ordering, rather than your own. There are instructions on the booking site about how.


So there's that.


One other thing before i go and snooze it right up (self employment) If you live in Australia or New Zealand. I am going to be coming to Melbourne for the Comedy Festival with a finished show. It's not stand up - (It's not really a story telling show either - It's something else, the idea for which i am very very excited about)- and to coincide with that trip - i am currently organising, Sydney, Wellington, Aukland. and hopefully, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane as well.


Once it's all in place and settled i'll send a big fancy announcement - but i just wanted to let you know. Partially so the subject heading wasn't just "Tree" AGAIN. But**, also because i'm excited about coming and this way, if you know anyone who would be interested in tickets but isnt on the mailing list - you could do me such a sweet solid (that sounds awful - but i wont be deleting it) and urge them to join the mailing list so they get some sweet info.




Anyway - There you go.


All the best.






*I'm using this more at the start of letters.

**I do what i like at the start of a sentence - you're not the boss of me.


Join the Mailing List.