Daniel Kitson

Stories For the Starlit Sky


A Trilogy




Daniel Kitson (Comedian, Writer, Box to Box Midfield General With An Eye For Goal)and Gavin Osborn (Song Singer, Songwriter, Bell Ringer, Cage Fighter)

return to Melbourne for the first time in almost ten years, with this epic entertainment. Both delightfully funny and aching with melancholy, this is a heart swelling, eye dampening, breath stealing tribute to the timeless glory of staying up all night.


Three magical stories about love, the quiet heroism of hope, and a small village populated by retired assassins, tangled up together with fourteen wonderful songs of sadness or laughter or beauty or even, at times, all bloody three at the same bloody time.


Originally three separate shows, performed on three separate nights. Outdoors. In a park. At midnight. This is the whole, magnificent trilogy in one almighty, nourishing wallop of laughter and tears.


Price includes two intervals.


And a roof.


Running time – 3 hours and 40 minutes, including intervals. Tickets are 25 Dollars (plus fees) and on sale now.



Playhouse, Arts Centre Melbourne – 2nd to 23rd April

(Various Dates and Times) https://goo.gl/AVrCLX











The picture has nothing to do with the show at all.





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