Daniel Kitson

Stories For the Starlit Sky

A trilogy on tour.



Daniel Kitson (Me) and Gavin Osborn (Gavin) return to the wide open road for the first time in ages. Ages. So long. Years. Oh god. Nothing stays the same does it? Dust on the wind. That’s all we are.


Anyway – here we are. The D Machine (Me) and G Unit (Gavin), back on tour. Doing it right.


In 2009 (Seriously, isn’t the passage of time horrifying?) we wrote a trilogy of story (Me) and song (Gavin) ultra combo mega shows called “Stories for the Starlit Sky” and comprising three interlinked stories about love (obviously), staying up all night (naturally) and a village populated by retired assasins (yeah, that makes sense).


We performed them in Regents Park Open Air Theatre on three separate summer nights, one in June, one in July, one in August and all of them at midnight. There were indeed stars in the sky. Some people brought flasks.


A couple of years later, we whacked them out over consecutive nights at the Latitude festival from the middle of a lake in a slightly futile battle against the ambient bass of various DJ sets and whooping, intoxicated infants.


We also did them once to raise money for Forest Fringe and so I could impress a woman who went home after the first story.


Most recently in July of this year (2015, obviously guys) Regents Park Open Air Theatre had a spare night after a late drop out - I rewrote the stories a bit (one of them really quite a lot) Gavin practiced his songs and we performed all three of the shows in one night. One after the other.


It was great.


So, that’s what this (indoor) tour will be, the whole blinking trilogy on one night complete with two intervals.


Boom. Break. Boom. Break. Wallop. Hometime.


The running time is just under four hours in total.


So feel free to bring a flask.



All tickets are £12 (plus booking fee in some places) here are the dates.





11TH - Nottingham Playhouse – On sale 10 am on September 29th


12th - Edinburgh Lyceum – On sale 10 am on September 29th


20th and 21st -  Manchester Dance House – On sale noon on September 29th


26th - Brighton Dome Concert Hall – On sale 10 am on October 5th


28th - Margate Theatre Royal – On sale 10 am on September 29th




1st – Warwick Arts Centre – On sale October 1st


2nd - Liverpool Playhouse -  On sale 10 am on September 29th


4th - Cardiff Sherman – On sale soon.


11th - Durham  Gala  - On sale 10 am on September 29th


12th  - Sheffield Crucible – On sale 10 am on October 3rd


14th - Bristol Old Vic  - On sale 10 am on October 6th  (with code KITSON2015)









The picture has nothing to do with the show at all.





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